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A Trick Of The Tail was the seventh album by the English progressive rock band.

Founding member and lead singer Peter Gabriel decided to leave Genesis in late 1974, during the tour for the album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. The other members hoped he would reconsider, as they were still in debt and felt his departure could destroy the band's future, but ultimately accepted that he would leave. Keyboardist Tony Banks and bassist Mike Rutherford were particularly keen to write and record new material so that critics and fans would accept Gabriel's departure. Joined with guitarist Steve Hackett after his first solo album, the group began rehearsals in mid-1975 and quickly wrote material they were happy with but had not yet found a replacement lead singer. They placed an anonymous advertisement in a music paper Melody Maker for "a singer for a Genesis-type group," which received about 400 replies. The same paper later managed to find out Gabriel leaving the band, and the group denied that they were splitting up and explained they are recording a new album.

Drummer Phil Collins thought the group could carry on as an instrumental act, but other group members felt that it would be boring without vocals. The group had still not decided on a replacement singer, so they decided to start recording backing tracks and audition singers as they went. Some songs such as "Ripples..." were written with the intention that Collins could sing them, similar to "More Fool Me" on Selling England by the Pound; he did not want to take over as a permanent replacement, opting instead to teach potential lead singers the songs. The group still wanted a regular frontman for live performances, as they thought Collins would not be able to handle all the material, and it would be problematic trying to sing Gabriel's vocal parts while drumming on tour. Having failed to produce a suitable vocalist, Collins reluctantly went in the studio to sing "Squonk." His performance was well received by the band, and they decided that he should be their new lead singer.

Even after the album had been completed, Collins was unhappy about leaving the drums to sing lead, and the band were unsure he would be comfortable as frontman on tour. The group decided to try anyway, and needed someone to drum while Collins was singing. Collins insisted on choosing the touring drummer himself, selecting Yes and King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford, who he had already worked with in the jazz fusion band Brand X. Collins continued to drum during instrumental sections.

"Ripples" itself was a combination of a 12-string guitar piece composed by Rutherford and a piano-led middle section written by Banks. The lyrics generally refer to that we cannot get our youth back, the attractiveness of youth is fleeting and should not be taken for granted, and the reflection in the water is our self awareness and a memory of how we looked years ago. The "blue girls" may have been derived from a poem by John Crowe Ransom, referring to adolescent school girls for whom the beauty is the focus of their lives.

The album marked the first time, the band filmed promotional videos for their songs. With director Bruce Gowers, they created videos for "Robbery, Assault and Battery," "Ripples," and the title track.

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1976 - Charisma / Atco - United Kingdom
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