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You've Got to be Carefully Taught; Children Will Listen Medley
by Mandy Patinkin
You've Got To Be Touggt-From South Pacific by Rodgers & Hemmerstein
Children will listen by Stephen Sondheim

I have a confession to make, I was that child who was tought to hate by a school principal, but I saw through that hateful message and indoctrination, what's more I was motivated to take a stand against the PIRA in my country for whom my headmaster acted as a recruiting officer and I eventually became an anti terrorist police agent within the police force, targeting those within the PIRA who were of the same mindset as my failed indoctrinator...I was a bad pupil...I was eleven years old...but I became good at surveillance, verry, verry good!...

Careful whom you trust as teaches and those who have influence over your children. My parents never learned or discovered of the attempted malign influence and indoctrination that went on in my primary school, as I realized the trouble such a revelation would cause for all concerned...the school, for the government nationally... but mostly for my family and my parents. It was 1975 and I took inspiration from this song that I heard by chance from the musical South Pacific.
Racism and religious intolerance are not subject that should be taught to children in Derry or London Derry, Palestine, Tel Aviv, Pretoria, Georgia, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Warsaw, Berlin, Beijing, Bagdad, Teheran, Washington, Portadown, Paris, Moscow, Brussels, Milan, Barcelona, etc...


You've got to be taught before it's too late
Before you are six or seven or eight
To hate all the people your relatives hate
You've got to be carefully taught

Careful the things you say, children will listen
Careful the things you do, children will see and learn
Children may not obey but children will listen
Children will look to you for which way to turn

To learn what to be, careful before you say
Listen to me, children will listen

How can you say to a child who's in flight
'Don't slip away', and, 'I won't hold so tight'?
What can you say that no matter how slight
Won't be misunderstood?

What do you leave to your child when you're dead?
Only whatever you put in its head
Things that your mother and father had said
Which were left to them too

Careful what you say, children will listen
Careful you do it too, children will see and learn
Oh, guide them but step away, children will glisten
Temper with what is true and children will turn

If just to be free, careful before you say
Listen to me, children will listen, children will listen
Children, children will listen
Posted: 20th October 2018
Dats O Mordha
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