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She Lives Down The Street...with lyrics!
by Paul Carrack
Paul must have taken inspiration from the genealogy TV series 'Who do you think you are' of which I'm a big fan. The master delivers a great tune again with sharp lyrical content, wonder from which branch of his family he inherited his tallant, no matter, whichever, take a Bough!
Posted: 27th March 2017
Retired to sunny Spain following a life of crime...fighting! Learning to live life again following a step back from the drudgery of austerity imposed by a government that choose to nationalise private bank debt's owed to greedy vulture fund managers and nonproductive bond holders, in spite of the fact that the profits were never shared with the productive law abiding compliant taxpayer! While otherwise dutifully engaged tracking and catching criminals and terrorist, those tasked with regulating and combating white collar criminal bankers morphed into compromised regulators who colluded in perpetrating a massive swindle on the national treasury under the noses of negligent European oversight. It was time to decide to 'bail out' and file for divorce from a career which I had dedicated 30 years of service married to the job in favour of renewing my commitment to my actual wife and family. The latter five years working under the burden of government imposed wage cuts and austerity primed us well for budgeting on a pension abroad in Spain where the meagre pension stretches that little further. Living a simple life in the sun adapting to the lingo sets a new challenge. Enjoying active retirement while endeavouring to reinvent myself as a contributor to lifestyle-magazines, while putting the finishing touches to my first book of 'Crime Fiction' drawing on a fascinating career covering a broad range of activities in the front line trenches tackling the ever evolving threat to society. Now engaged in catching up on neglected reading, writing and surfing the sea and the web, while learning to embrace life and the love of those that count, with the soundtrack of the music of the Gods playing on this God's Jukebox!
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