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Oiche Chuin - Silent Night
by Enya
It's 2am here in Andalucía and the embers of the Yule log fire have nicely warmed the home awaiting Santas aparition, mum sleeps with our little treasure while Santa decides whether to scoff another sneaky tiple of Irish and tip the milk to Amber the cat, Sorry I mean Amber the reindeer...I mean Rudolfo the rude rain dear...WHO keeps rushing me..boy that Irish has a kick...anyway presents...oh yes the gift's. Mustn't 4 getz de giftz..throw anther log on that Juke box Amber for God's sake and stop rushn me, here have another shot of milk and lessen to dis lassie from da Emerald Isle again. Then we'll hit the sky for Perth via, don't wake de treasure...sleeping in heavenly peace! Ah peace & quiet and a drop of da Irish and good tunes on da box!
Posted: 25th December 2015
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