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Kort biografi med litet testamente
by Thåström
Last week @Egregiousness posted a cover of "Bible", originally made by Imperiet back in 1988. It made me think of the singer Joakim Thåström who's this punk icon in Sweden. He has been a member of several bands (one of the Imperiet) but is on his own now.
The translation of the title is "Short biography with a small testament". I've translated the entire lyrics and added notes to make some bits more understandable.

I let a friend down in Mexico City a long time ago
I'm not sure why I never said "I'm sorry"
I have been detained at the police station in Skara
since then I have kept myself away from there

I sang "Den blomstertid..." with the others --- ("Den blomstertid" is the song we sing in school on the last day before summer)
the lady's played the organ
and I was standing in the classroom with water combed hair
trying to remember all the words

And you know I never cry when I go to a funeral
but when I see one on TV, I bellow like a child
I have forgotten my first kiss
but I remember clearly when I got Rolle Stoltz's autograph --- (Rolle was this great Ice hockey-player)

I saw The Clash at the big hotel in Örebro
After that it never got better
I have been threatened with murder on the boat on my way to Morocco
And I've fallen in love at a hotel in Alingsås

But nowadays I live a quiet life
I see the days to come, and then they run past
And I think that's true what they say in the Sahara
each grain of sand has a number

I've got my roots in Flädie village outside of Lund
I didn't even know that myself until about a year ago
And I think I remember where I was when they landed on the moon
I was reading Buster & The Phantom --- (comics we read as kids)

I have left the country so many times
I lost count a long time ago
The truth is that I am a typical Swede
And I know I'm guilty for so many years to
trying to avoid to be with myself

Please, then when the time comes
when my number comes up
Then, then, then when the time comes
when my number comes up

Not halfway to Farsta
Not among all the pine trees out there
not halfway to Farsta
not halfway to Farsta --- (Farsta is a suburb to Stockholm, halfway to Farsta you also find Högdalen which is the place where Thåström grew up)

Ooh lalallalallalal.
2009 - Universal - Sweden
Posted: About 9 hours ago
Birgitta Bellman
A good song is a good song. #Popcorn #Earthsongs #JazzStandard #GuiltyPleasure I also enjoy posting songs from the 60's not sung in english.
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