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La Femme d'Argent
by Air
Craft beer revolution festival last week, in a converted big old church. In the downstairs cellar section it was all French beers.

All very tasty.

Music quiz started - French theme.
Friends and I registered as a team.

We were doing ok, in fact pretty well, with our combined (aged) knowledge of music, but then came a medley of track introductions (all with a French connection of course).
We got 5 out of the 6, but the last one was a tough one - 5-10 seconds of electro-pop.

Somewhere from the deepest darkest recesses of my beer-addled brain it came to me - it was Sexy Boy by French electronic music duo Air (

We won the quiz.

No money prizes, but the additional beer tokens were gratefully received by all.

Here's another track from the same album

1998 - Virgin - From the album Moon Safari
Posted: 4th December 2017
I'm just about holding on, but lately I've let things slide
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