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Let Her Be
by StarCrawler
I posted the single Ants a while ago.. please check here for more information about the band
A break from The World cup then
I saw Starcrawler last night and it was certainly noteworthy and very exciting

Live the noise crescendo is phenomenal with the Guitar of Henri Cash played very loud at extreme feedback levels (which makes the LP sound rather tame) There was no voice interaction between the band and the crowd so I can’t tell you what tracks they played other than Ants and Pussy Tower. A set list from a London Gig told me

Different Angles
Used to Know
Love's Gone Again
Full of Pride
Let Her Be
I Love LA
Pussy Tower
What I Want
Chicken Woman

Which seems about right

The Venue (Norwich Arts Centre) was sold out (stands 260) the front row was full of a very active Mosh pit followed by a few older people who just looked bemused then a few groovers. I was up on the balcony and it was a fun place to watch.

The band shot through their 12 numbers in about 40 minutes most were 3 minutes or less but when they got to the Last track (which was Chicken Woman) it developed into a 7 minute thrash with the band Cash not actually finishing when he was supposed to...


Well with Cash blasting away at impressive volumes and the rhythm section (barely noticeable, visually but really tight) of
Austin Smith- Drums
Tim Franco - bass
doing their thing we come to Arrow De Wilde.. she is the most amazing front person ever she’s athletic sneers and focuses your mind on something other than the feedback. Now I found the whole thing exhilarating but there were problems namely initially it was difficult to hear her vocals (those of Henri were more audible) the sound guys did improve the position during the concert but it was still moreorless inaudible. I guess it all depends how much that’s necessary for you..

During the concert she threw and spat some of the contents of a bottle of water over the Mosh pit.. semi-strangled herself on her Mike lead used fake blood and during Chicken woman at about the 4 minute mark she crowd surfed across the audience and vanished stage left leaving Cash thrashing away with the rest of the band...

After about 7 minutes Cash armed with Les Paul descends into the Mosh pit and still playing leaps around before passing the guitar to one of the punters (who may have been the guitar player in the support band) who continued in somewhat difficulty. The rhythm section finished presumably at the appropriate point but Cash was enjoying himself and off they went again for another 3 minutes or so...

The whole concert was over in about 45 minutes..

Now clearly the band weren’t breaking a lot of new ground but the excitement was just terrific and I was swept up in it - think Iggy and the stooges,

I’d like to play Chicken Music if only because its a psychedelic thrash but its not available on here according to Vevo anyway so here it is

Photos are my own

What a special gig with or without the vocals

A review of the London Garage Gig is here the set list provided above is from this gig
2017 - United States - Single Release and from The LP Starcrawler
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