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With Madison Wisconsin Native on Drums and other Stuff Butch Vig represents the last of my Baseball Strategy tutorials

Thankfully only 3 short items although i’m pretty sure I’ve missed something:-

Pinch Runner

This should be included in base running and stealing really If a slow batter gets on base in the latter innings and runs are needed to either take the lead or catch up or even extend a speedy replacement runner will come in as a strict replacement in the hope that he might steal a base or zip home. The rub of course is that batter is out of the game and will have to be replaced by another guy IF the ruse isn’t successful which may or may not be the pinch runner depemds on where a fielder will be required

Defensive Shift

Batters are defined as either Spray or pull hitters... a spray hitter might hit the ball to any part of the ground. A pull hitter will trn to “pull the ball.. in the case of a left handed hit it to right as his batting action follows through that way. Defensively to try and stop a run the infeld shift - to its left in this case (or right as ther batter watches). Of course the batter may still beat the shift or manage to go the opposite way in which case there are no fielders. Milwaukee used the shift 35% of the time during the regular 2018 season the most in the major leagues

Pitchers will try and locate the pitch into an area that if it results in a ground ball it will go towards the shift

Intentional Walk

This one I don’t like ... If there are runners on base and a really good or powerful hitter is next up. The defense may decide to walk the new batter intentionally so they can get to a weaker hitter who is the next one up thereafter on the basis that (a) they may get him out easier and/or (B) he is less likely to do real damage than the other guy. All runners move up so potentially you could get to a bases loaded situation

The guy after the walked guy may well be the Pitcher (as is normal) or just a guy who’s batting average is especially poor. If that also means a specialist pitcher to get him out thats what will happen.
The batting team of course may just pinch hit for him with a better batsman. They might not want to because the pitcher is still effective or it removes a player who has good defence though his batting is not great...

This is likely to happen in late innings in a close game and probably with 2 outs or depending on the circumstances 1 out and a hope of a double play.

I’m not sure what the statistics say but whilst I have been watching the game recently I have seen at least 2 walks issued (walking a runner in) several hits resulting in 2 runs a balk walking a runner in. Its an ugly tactic but teams feel its a better opportunity for an out than giving up a 3 run home run

I posted the original of the Queer single back in my early days on The Jukebox Its one of my favourite ever tunes and its sultry as anything... a friend of mine introduced me to this remix and suggested if you though that the original was sultry you ain’t heard nothing yet... ok ok


1995 - United States - Released as a B side on Queer CD2 Single release and in other formats
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