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Leave This Island
by Maximo Park
Yesterday was a big day for me for the last 6 weeks or so I’ve been living in partial fear, although the odds were stacked in my favour, you just never know.

I had to go and have a “procedure” which wasn’t very pleasant but no worse than the previous days.. but the result was positive so I can breathe again, although I still have a couple of (much smaller) steps to complete which is a bit unusual but “Nothing to worry about”

So last night after I’d finished with the Jukebox (and still under sedation) I played a bunch of tunes off my Spotify Playlist which contains all the stuff I have discovered and liked. The playlist contains 4975 tunes so randomly you get a decent selection of stuff. Annoyingly Spotify restrict the number of songs you can play mobile and “offline” to 3333 per device up to a maximum of 9999. They cannot provide a logical reason for this cap that they are prepared to discuss Why it can’t be 9999 and what difference it makes that you have top spread this over 3 devices defeats me. Someone has suggested it might be part of a music business agreement but that makes no sense at all...

I guess if you have decent wi-fi and/or a consistent 3/4G signal then it doesn’t matter a lot except it does because you don’t always have those things especially out here in the sticks

The limit DOES NOT APPLY to the desktop apparently

Anyway that may all be To Much Information which is the name of the 5th Studio album by the band from Newcastle, England formed in 2000. They have released 6 studio CDs the last one being Risk To Exist in April this year. The album was reasonably successful in Europe and in the UK reached #7. The song was the first single released from the album and it bombed other than #68 in Belgium. I really like quite a bit of the album although its probably not as good as “Our Earthly Pleasures” but its a close run thing

The band on this album
Tom English – drums, percussion
Duncan Lloyd – electric guitar, backing vocals, bass guitar, keyboards
Paul Smith – lead vocals
Archis Tiku – bass guitar
Lukas Wooller – keyboards

The song was written by Wooller and is my favourite off the LP and was the first song played randomly off the playlist.

So for something different I’m intending to post the 11 songs that featured in this playlist on the jukebox IF I CAN and this was the first.. call a mini celebration playlist if you wish but


2014 - United Kingdom - From The Album Too Much Information & Single Release
Posted: 15th July 2017
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