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But I Try
by Little Richard & The James Gang
Joe Walsh: "I found this is an old box of tapes I had. It is a recording of The James Gang jamming with Little Richard in Cleveland, Ohio about 1970. Me on guitar, Jimmy Fox on drums, Dale Peters on bass and featuring Little Richard at his best. I remember we played a couple of shows in the Midwest with LR and, I think, Chuck Berry on the same bill and on a day off in Cleveland we decided to go into Cleveland Recording and mess around. We did a few songs, but this is the only one that survived. I called LR for permission to include it on Analog Man and he said "It makes me wanna go out in the yard and yell LAWDY LAWDY!" Little Richard is one of the true founding fathers of rock & roll and a huge influence and inspiration to every musician I know including me. It's an honor to know him and to be able to share this magical moment in time with all of you. God bless you LR! Thank you."
2012 - Fantasy - United States - Recorded c. 1970
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