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Talk is Poison/ We Destroy the Red Dream
by Fanzui Xiangfa (Criminal Minds)
This does not diverge too much from a standard slice of hardcore, but the novelty here is that it's in Mandarin, and it's all about overthrowing the Communist government. So maybe knowing that these guys are risking arrest and lengthy imprisonment will add to the urgency you perceive in the music.

by the by, the four characters written on the top of the building in the album art is the name of the band, which I cannot type on this site.
2006 - China, People's Republic of
Posted: 17th March 2018
Alte Geist is the faux-appelation of an ex-Pennsylvanian resident self-banished to Asia. The Alte used to think that avoiding his life via intensive mediation was the way to do things, so he has accrued a great deal of music and cartoons and comic books and novels and podcasts and video games etc. That part of his life is over, or at least greatly reduced now, but he has found it's actually kind of nice to hear music when you've let go of the need to acquire it. Also, for those that remember all the Chinese oldies and such I used to post at TIMJ- they're over @WeePushkin now, on this very site.
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