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The Philosopher
by Yat Kha
From the last proper Yat Kha album, the old band was gone and replaced with English musicians, and Albert started using translated lyrics from a Japanese poet.

2010 - United States
Posted: 28th December 2015
Alte Geist is the faux-appelation of an ex-Pennsylvanian resident self-banished to Asia. The Alte used to think that avoiding his life via intensive mediation was the way to do things, so he has accrued a great deal of music and cartoons and comic books and novels and podcasts and video games etc. That part of his life is over, or at least greatly reduced now, but he has found it's actually kind of nice to hear music when you've let go of the need to acquire it. Also, for those that remember all the Chinese oldies and such I used to post at TIMJ- they're over @WeePushkin now, on this very site.
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