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by Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters
On Monday evening I found myself in Portsmouth Guildhall sitting just 6 rows back from the stage (but right at the far side so having to sit sideways) watching Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters for the first time! It felt a bit surreal at first quite honestly, and it's odd that I've only really been familiar with Zeppelin and Plant for a small few years but it feels much longer than that.

Difficult to choose something to play on here, something from the concert. Plant's voice sounded better to me than I ever imagined it would, and the music such a rich mix, with rhythms to soothe or to rock you to your bones! I can't really describe it. This recording is from about 3 years ago I think. The audience was encouraged to clap in time which suited the uplifting mood and added to the warmth of feeling in the auditorium. The set mixed songs from the new album and other recent albums, but also some old Zeppelin tracks, finishing with Whole Lotta Love. It was a wonderful evening! :-D

At one point Plant said something to the effect that - This is the best time we've had ever in our musical careers. Maybe he always says that, I don't know, but you know they were really so good and enjoying themselves so much!

Here's a setlist. I can't guarantee the setlists on this website are 100% correct, but I've found it useful when preparing for a couple of recent concerts, and then for going back over the Plant concert in which I didn't know all the numbers.

The background pic is mine, the only decent shot I got, when the lights went up a bit while Plant introduced the band members.
2014 - Album: Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar
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