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Sweet Danger
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Before Christmas @savagetea played "Angel Witch" by.. Angel Witch, and @Don_Becker kindly gave me a shout-out while I was away, thought I might like it
New to me I did like it, and checked out a couple of their other offerings. This track has been a growing earworm over the last week or so. Today I had a mini metal morning - I listened to the whole album whilst washing two cars, and the tracks I particularly liked on first listen were "Angel Witch", "Sweet Danger" and the slow-tempo "Free Man".

So here's "Sweet Danger", their first single, which talks about nightmares: falling, and trying to get away but your legs won't go. "Please wake up, it's only a dream!". The YouTube comments say "sounds like Maiden", I can't comment on that but, of course, I love the multi-part harmony chorus.

The band: from Wiki:
"Angel Witch are a British heavy metal band which formed in London, England in 1977 as part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. Despite critical acclaim in the music press, their only UK chart action consisted of a single week at No. 75 (the lowest position in the charts) in 1980.

The band was formed, originally under the name of Lucifer, and was initially composed of guitarist and vocalist Kevin Heybourne, guitarist Rob Downing, drummer Steve Jones, and bassist Barry Clements. Lucifer split and Steve Jones joined up with Bruce Dickinson to form Speed. The remnants of Lucifer became Angel Witch, with the exceptions of Barry, who was replaced by Kevin Riddles, and Steve Jones, who was replaced by Dave Hogg. The following year Rob Downing left the band.

Angel Witch's first song to achieve mainstream popularity was "Baphomet", which was included on a compilation titled Metal for Muthas. This song drew a fair amount of attention to the band, and they eventually signed a recording deal with EMI. However, the deal was soon canceled, due to manager Ken Heybourne refusing to hand Angel Witch over to professional management, and bad performance of their first single released under the EMI label, which was entitled Sweet Danger and lasted a single week on British top charts...."

About the album:

Finally... backdrop is a pic I took this morning at sunrise, the sky was really on fire!!
1980 - EMI - United Kingdom - First single to be released, 'B' side "Flight Nineteen". Also appears on the debut album "Angel Witch" released on Bronze Records.
Posted: 11th January 2017
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