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by sofi tukker
Sofi Tukker is a New York-based musical duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. The band is perhaps best known for its song "Best Friend," which was featured in a commercial during Apple's unveiling of the iPhone X on September 12, 2017.


Sofi Tukker released an EP, Soft Animals on July 8, 2016.[4] The EP includes "Drinkee", "Matadora", "Awoo",[5] Déjà Vu Affair, Moon Tattoo and "Hey Lion".[3] The title comes from a Mary Oliver poem ("You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves").

Their song "Drinkee" from the Soft Animals EP was nominated for a 2017 Grammy for Best Dance Recording.[6] "Drinkee" is adapted from a poem written by the Brazilian poet, Chacal, sung sensually amidst cowbells, bongos, electric guitars and deep driving bass. Their song "Drinkee" is featured in The Incredible Jessica James.[7]

Their song “Johny” is featured in EA Sports' FIFA 17,[8] and was adapted from a poem by Brazilian poet Paulo Leminski.[9]

Their 2017 song, "Best Friend" was played during the iPhone X full commercial reveal at the Apple Event on September 12, 2017.[10] It is also included in the football game FIFA 18, the second straight year that a song of theirs has been included on the soundtrack of FIFA.[11]

i must admit Sophie Hawley-Weld caught my eye as much as the beats caught my ear

#NSFW #PottyMouth
2017 - self released single - United States - showing these just in case HeavyRoc[3] Ultra
Posted: 16th March 2018
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