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Losing End
by Michael McDonald
Some of the acts he worked with were Steely Dan, Nicolette Larson, and winding up with the Doobie Brothers before going solo and releasing his first album, If That’s What It Takes, in 1982. This song is one of the ones that hits me to my very core. I know it sounds a little down but Michael is one of a few artists that can actually make you feel that ache of being on the Losing End. Like life has ended because of loss, but trying to leave a small glimmer that it could be different.
Give it a listen. This is one of those tunes that can actually make you feel more than expected. Sorry if it feels like a downer but this year has started like one.
1982 - Warner Brotgers - United States - This extraordinary soulful man from St. Louis, MO, worked with many others doing background vocal and playing keyboards and writing with people like Kenny Loggins to make his mark on the music business.
Posted: 11th January 2018
Sally Broadhurst
Professional singer/musician for over 50 years, first female technical/electronics/production engineer for radio and television in Chicago. Photographer and owner of a Petsitting business for 17 years. My music loves are as extensive as the decades they were recorded in with the Beatles being at the top. Others I love are the Association, Beach Boys, Michael McDonald, Gino Vannelli, Kenny Loggins, Four Tops, Temptations, O'Jays, War, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Franks, Sergio Mendes & Brazil (whatever), Smokey Robinson, Keith Urban, Eliane Elias, Steely Dan, Little Big Town, Glenn Miller Big Band, etc. Just too many to name.
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