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Red Red Red
by Fiona Apple
So, it seems my #Colours / #Colors theme is catching on eh?
Well, at least with #RedWeek , it is anyway.
Thought I'd pick a toon that emphasized the red, & three reds in the title oughta do it.
This song struck me as not only being original but quite disturbing too, in large part helped by the accompanying video, for which we have mair 14565 to thank. Then I discovered there was another, unreleased version, produced by Jon Brion (thanks to spiddia for that info), that makes it even more disturbing, with slight undertones of Peter Gabriel's 80's period & a nod to George Martin/Beatles too. Check it out https://youtu.be/h8FKIXvF_yk
Mz Apple's given me the thought to start a #FruitFeem , or should I keep that to meself? :)
2005 - Epic Records - United States - From her album Extraordinary Machine
Posted: About 22 hours ago
Phil Sheppard
Music is a form of magic.
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