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The Unwanted
by Malice, feat. Mick Zane, lead guitar
Mick Zane (1959 to 2016) was an American guitarist and songwriter, with 'Malice'. Mick Zane was born Michael P Landauer on May 28th 1959 in California, USA. 'Heavy metal' band 'The Ravers' were formed in Portland, Oregon, by guitarist Jay Reynolds in 1980. After then moving to Los Angeles, he took on different personnel, including guitarist Zane, vocalist James Neal, bassist Mark Behn and drummer Pete Laufman, and changed the group's name to 'Malice'. The band's initial 'demo' recordings caused a stir and garnered label interest from Brian Slagel of 'Metal Blade Records'. Eventually though, the band signed with 'Atlantic Records' in the summer of 1984 and released their debut album, "In the Beginning...", in 1985. They toured with 'Alice Cooper', 'WASP' and 'Motörhead', among others, and were also the support act for 'Slayer' on their 1987 "Reign In Pain" European tour. However, the band split up after releasing just one more album - the seminal "Licence To Kill" in 1987. Zane had received writing credits while with them, and was then involved with the band 'Monster', appearing on their 1995 album "Through the Eyes of the World". Following a 2006 reunion with Zane on board, 'Malice' released another album in 2012 called "New Breed Of Godz", which contained four new songs and re-recordings of eight others from their first two LPs. Following a brain tumour diagnosis in 2014, Mick Zane died from the condition in Reseda, California, on December 23rd 2016, aged 57.
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Hundreds of very talented musicians pass away every year, some without much recognition at all. On "Rest In Peace", I aim to give them a fitting 'send-off', with a decent Tribute. I hope you will join me in marking their passing.....
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