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My final #WorldCupFever post

SO, it's Croatia Vs France in the World Cup final.

I hope Croatia do it but I think France will win quite comfortably.

*NOW*.... My thoughts on the England team....................

I noticed the critics & cynics have predictably just appeared recently saying that England "got found out".in the semi finals..that they were .'out of their depth' & 'punching above their weight'

Well I prefer to remember before the tournament kicked off when I looked at this young raw squad with very little experience at this level when not much was expected of them at all. In fact some openly laughed at the mere suggestion of them reaching the quarter finals.

......They reached the SEMI finals!!.....
....and yes, in that match it was (eventually) proved that they lost to the better team in Croatia
BUT.....they THOROUGHLY deserved their half time lead of 1-0 in that match ( it really should have been 2-0) and in that short half time break, I actually dared to believe that we were on our way to the World Cup Final.

Unthinkable! ........Incredible!!!.......

So thank you England for the surprise, the pleasure, the excitement and for the first time in ages, making us feel proud to watch an England team play with heart & passion.

When you step off that plane after 7 weeks away, I hope a worthy crowd are there to give you an enormous cheer and applause.

Well done boys.
1966 - Blue Beat - Jamaica
Posted: 15th July 2018
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