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Space Truckin'
by Deep Purple
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Seems like I promised this one for @ErnieBilko months ago and then was reminded by? his excellent 'Lazy' Purple juke last week.

Deep Purple was the first rock band that ?shaka ever liked coming out of ?a strictly? country and western world only?. My parents didn't even like country and western? until I got my mom hooked on it my dad was in Okinawa for a year. He came along only because the fish would only bite when I was playing my country and western on the boat in Key West Florida. There in Key West we had very few houses in our Marine Corps neighborhood. My next door neighbor was my best friend that went to a private school. Sometimes at his house he would put on Deep Purple and play drums along with Space Truckin'. That along with 'Smoke on the Water' being our Middle School song in 7th and 8th grade got me interested in Deep Purple. This was about when California Jam was happening. I didn't know about any of this at the time because it was still be a few years before I would become all things Rock and blues. Maybe I was the male @aberrantanna in some sort of parallel universe. That's got to be a downright scary thought for young Anna!?

After reading a small debate of Jon Lord vs Keith Emerson in the YouTube comments I think Shaka is going to have to watch the ELP part now. I haven't been there number one fan but who knows, many things change. I hear they pull off fighter stunt for the live audience.

From a couple of wiki pages:

When it was first performed live, the band appended an instrumental that was originally part of the song "Mandrake Root" from their first album but gradually evolved into a showcase for Jon Lord's Hammond organ and Ritchie Blackmore's guitar solos. This usually took the length of the overall song to over twenty minutes, and it was always performed as the last number of the main set. A good example of this arrangement can be found on the Made in Japan album, wherein Blackmore also quotes the "cello" solo of "Fools" off Fireball.

Jon Lord played his solo through a ring modulator or played some of it on an ARP synthesizer. Meanwhile, Ritchie Blackmore usually split the guitar solo into two halves, a quiet section with just drums, then a loud section with the full band. The second half was often when Blackmore would smash his guitar, play it with his feet or throw it into the air. One of the most infamous incidents where that happened was at the California Jam festival in 1974, where he dropped one guitar over the edge of the stage, smashed a second against a TV camera, then set his amplifier on fire, which then subsequently exploded.

Deep Purple's California Jam performance was the first full-length music concert film to be released and sold on video tape in the early 1980s.

shaka wonders if @ElizaJane allows trucks on her #CarJams wall.
#CountdownTo100000 - This is # 99335

The following is well worth the almost hour and a half stream:
Deep Purple - Live At California Jam 1974 (Full Video Concert) - https://youtu.be/KJ-CMPqvzQU
Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer - https://youtu.be/gGCOC73MSdU
Bruce Campbell starting of ASH VS EVIL DEAD series with this tune - https://youtu.be/4ILZvuv-4EU

shaka sez have a fun filled weekend and bring us stories on Monday!

JAM ON Jukers!!!
1974 - California Jam 1974
Posted: 11th May 2018
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