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"Putin" "She Chose Me" "It's A Jungle Out There" "Wandering Boy"
by Randy Newman
It seems like forever ago when shaka's young adults where kids. I would drive them back here to Oklahoma from Arkansas where they were living about once a month. Those weekends were full of #cheese , swimming, food, mini adventures, stories and enough plaster to last a lifetime. There was one particular night when @GQ_Solid irritated the bejeebers out of me with his Randy Newman impersonation. It was so dadgum funny that I just couldn't take it anymore. shaka went completely bonkers! His impersonation was based on THE FAMILY GUY clip here. https://youtu.be/ARP6dXMlWQ8

Young Daniel-San would sing my every movement that night. It reminded me of children that start repeating what each other say endlessly to watch their friends or rivals lose it. I swear sarcasm is so much nicer sometimes. This was something that only parents are allowed to do to their children and not the other way around. Kind of like tickling. When I would tickle my dad I used to get in big trouble. But I only did it because she tickled me. That was one thing I really love about Daniel. He will dish it out and take it in good spirits. As a young one if I dropped an ice cube down the back of his truck I was surely going to get an ice cube down the back of my shirt at some point. That's the way it should be although some adults in these parts don't believe that.

@ChrissyB introduced me to these tiny desk concerts back in the TIMJ days. My thoughts and prayers and many others are with you #MuckyB . http://www.godsjukebox.com/ChrissyB/gary-clark-jr-junkie-xl-come-together/

This is also an early #Olympic juke since Russia is OUT of the Paralympics for doping. Some of the athletes will be able to compete under a neutral flag. https://www.newsy.com/stories/russia-banned-from-paralympics-again-over-doping-scandal/

Oct. 10, 2017 | Bob Boilen -- I think Randy Newman is a national treasure. If he was just a funny guy making music, I'd be OK with that, but his wit is sardonic, satirical and politically on point. Mixing politics and humor with music is usually about the punchline, and his punchlines even make the singer smile.

Randy Newman paints lasting portraits of places and people, all the while poking fun and highlighting injustice, stupidity, power and humanity and he's been doing it for half a century. Here are the opening lines to his recently released song "Putin":

"Putin puttin' his pants on / One leg at a time / You mean he's just like a regular fella, huh? / He ain't nothing like a regular fella."
His new album, Dark Matter, is his first batch of songs in nine years and there's more than the usual biting Newman wit; there's also a tender heart. And watching the 73-year-old songwriter amble to the Tiny Desk and singing these words, had me crying for sentiment so full of heart:

"I'm not much to talk to, and I know how I look / What I know 'bout life comes out of a book / But of all of the people there are in the world / She chose me."
Watch this grand master play.

Set List

"She Chose Me"
"It's A Jungle Out There"
"Wandering Boy"

shaka sez? only 2 days, 12 hours remain till 2018 Winter Olympics?!

JAM ON Jukers!!!?

2017 - NPR Tiny Desk Concert - United States
Posted: 6th February 2018
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