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Give It Some Stick, Mick
by Chas and Dave
I couldn’t not do a little tribute for Chas....

A few facts you probably lay already know..

He was enlisted to play in Joe Meek’s house band at the age of 16, just months after buying his Hoftner bass guitar. Apparently he still played it

He toured the world with Jerry Lee Lewis in 1963 and used that time to learn how to play piano from the very best. It amused him that not many people noticed the influence of Jerry Lee in Chas and Dave’s music

After Jerry Lee’s tour he then joined Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers and toured with The Beatles

He then joined Heads, Hands & Feet and made some pretty great records

He then he moonlighted on Labi Siffre’s You Got The... and was sampled by Eminem

Then the mighty Chas and Dave......

Everything I’ve read about Chas contains the fact that he was a genuine all round nice guy and liked a laugh, you can tell that by some of the song lyrics. One of the few bands that I like to actually listen to the lyrics of, they come up with some corking lines. Anyone that can start a sing of with ‘You’ve got a beautiful chin’ gets my vote ha ha

Oh, and seeing as my preferred wedding band are no more it looks like I’ll have to live in sin..... drat ;)
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I like all kinds of stuff. I'd say open minded but that's got me into trouble before so I won't. I think I play music to suit my mood and being a fully grown woman this could explain the randomness of my choosings.
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