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Long Time
by Boston

When it comes to driving songs one band stands head & shoulders above all others and they are Boston.

Every man & his dog heard debut single ‘More Than A Feeling’ from the multi-platinum selling self titled debut album.
This was the follow up single & more than a match for that imho.
Band leader & all round musical genius Tom Scholz was a man after my own heart...why put one guitar on a track when you can put fifty, and man...those vocal harmonies!

My first car was a VW Beetle & I often shoved a cassette by them into the Blaupunkt just to chivvy it along a bit (well, them or ‘Discharge’!).

WARNING - At 3:30 you are gonna need a very frikkin’ sturdy air guitar.

Have a Motor City Monday you MOPAR lovers!

1977 - Epic - United States
Posted: 28th August 2016
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