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"Norwegian Wood " ( This Bird Has Flown)
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................“This Bird Has Flown” (A bitter-sweet tale)

Our little blue budgerigar, ‘Peter’ was totally crazy!
Crazy in many ways but crazy mainly for my Dad….and vice versa too.

This tale is from the mid-60s when this song was around & I was about 10.

Peter had total freedom in our house. He was hardly ever in his cage and flew from room to room all the time. Even upstairs too. My mum insisted he was caged at dinner time but he knew when that time was & he would hide until we’d all finished eating!
But the relationship between him & my dad was just hilarious!
He would sit on the end of the bannisters, staring at the street door just like a dog, waiting for my dad to come home from work and when that door opened he flew straight at him to land on his head, dancing around excitedly squawking, “HULLO! HULLO!! I LOVE YOU!!” ……

He NEVER left my dad alone. Totally inseparable. Wherever my dad went in the house, Peter went too. We didn’t have a bathroom and they even went outside together to the toilet in the back yard! No fear of him flying off…….

Some nights, my dad would be watching TV & Peter would trot up to his ear & say “GIMME a kiss!” before tilting his forehead forward, almost touching his lips so he could do it! My dad would turn & give a tiny peck on his head & Peter would then bounce up & down & rock his head like a lunatic while wolf whistling….…
Then there was the time I saw my dad shaving in the scullery with Peter on his shoulder, staring at him intently, concentrating on every stroke he made with his razor.
My dad finished, checking the result in the mirror by slowly turning his head from side to side while Peter would say, “Who’s a pretty boy then?” followed by another wolf-whistle Hahaha!
But I think my dad went too far late one night when I heard my mum in the bedroom next to mine, shouting at my dad & scolding him saying, “NO! I ‘m NOT having this!! Get that bloody bird out of this bed, NOW!!!” ………. (Lol!!)

My dad & Peter were a regular comedy double-act but it all came to an abrupt end one day…..

I could hear the raised voices and I knew that dad was in trouble again for releasing Peter from his cage while mum was preparing food. He got a right telling-off & so he flew into one of his temper tantrums, marching into the living room where I was sitting & slamming the door hard in a rage.

……It was then we heard this “plop” ……...and there was Peter, lying motionless on the floor.
He had been perched on the top of the door & he couldn’t escape from the speed of the door slamming on him.
Now my friends will always begin laughing when I tell them this part of the story and they even begin to howl loudly when I add the bit about his feet still left standing there on their own, stuck on top of the door.
I never laughed at the time, though. I was really shocked
BUT…... I was a hundred times more shocked when I suddenly saw something that seemed too far-fetched to be true. I watched my Dad gently pick up Peter in his cupped hands and I gasped when I noticed……
…...He was crying……….... sobbing, in fact……and this was ‘The First Time’ I had ever seen him cry (the only time too)

This shocked me greatly because my dad was “Old School” …Stiff Upper Lip. Someone who never revealed or wallowed in sad emotions.

He had an unbelievably hard beginning to his life. From a baby, he was an orphan, growing up never knowing any family at all and lived his life as a young man in constant poverty. He joined the army in the mid-30s just so (in his own words) “I could have a daily hot meal & hot running water to wash in, too)
From all the people who knew him throughout the war & beyond, they all said the same thing and that was nothing, …. NOTHING fazed him, like trauma & heartbreak. He always just got on with life & never, ever grumbled or got emotional no matter HOW hard things got.

….. But then I guess there's a breaking point and with my dad, it was revealed due to a funny little budgie called Peter.
It made me realise that EVERYONE has a soft centre. Even those who choose to conceal it and though it may seem to defy logic for some, my Dad’s tough, battle-scarred heart loyally clung to a tiny bird. He didn’t need to feel embarrassed or make excuses about it. His whole life had been so cruel & hard enough already and he didn’t care anymore or give a damn if everyone laughed at him for being devoted to something SO small ………….…and seemingly so insignificant to others.


*****This one is for my dad ‘up there above’ who has probably been apologising desperately to Peter about slamming the door on him for eternity, while Peter, oblivious to all his pleading is just bouncing madly up & down on his shoulder screeching, “I love you!!!”

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Posted: 8th November 2017
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