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And this tale ( from TIMJ Nov. 2014) is called......

*************“KILLS THRILLS!”*******************

In late 2007, I got into The Kills big time. I was about to see them live with a work colleague 'til he suddenly fell ill & couldn’t go. The music seemingly wasn’t retro enough for all my old-time pals & my son Daniel (who was 21 at the time) was away, working in the UAE
SO, out of desperation, I turned to the last resort…. I went into my daughter Katie’s bedroom (she had just barely turned 16 & was busy doing her school homework)
…” Hey Katie!” I snapped brightly “You’re growing up fast now!...and I was thinking maybe...errm... you’d like to catch a glimpse of what my leisure time was like as a teenager!” (she shuffled nervously, wondering what on Earth was coming next….)
“SO, Katie…. How would you like to experience a baptism of fire into the dangerous murky world of REAL rock ‘n’ roll”?
“Err, well…….” She hesitated……. “Can I bring a friend?” ….

Well, the next thing I knew, I’m driving Katie (front seat) & FOUR of her girl -mates in the back. The constant squealing, giggling & screeching laughter made my head rattle as we approached the bright lights of the city.

I assured the security in the venue lobby that all of the ( just-turned) 16-year-old schoolgirls were actually well over 18 (being the responsible adult that I am ) and in we went....
I didn’t want to be like a lump of embarrassing dead-wood following the girls round all night so I just let them loose (to go right down to the front of the stage as I would’ve done at their age) as I stood in the wings keeping a keen eye on them all while clutching my second pint of Kaliber ‘Non-Alco’ lager (Remember, I was driving the girls home later. I told you I was responsible, didn’t I? ;- ) )
The Kills came on and well…. they Killed…. They were cracklin’ with raw primal energy &the girls just loved them!

Walking the cold London streets afterwards back to our car at around midnight, I noticed two leather-clad boys keeping pace with our posse, incessantly talking to two of Katie’s mates on one side of me & seemed to be on the point of pestering them. The girls looked uncomfortable & anxious for the boys to leave them alone & to just go away, when I suddenly stopped walking & quickly spun around to face them.

“Uh,,,EXCUSE ME” I said assertively. “Do you MIND? These girls are with ME!” The fella looked in awe at the two girls & then at the three girls on the other side of me , who anticipating trouble, began to cling on to my arm.
….” What, ALL of them?” he yelped…. “Yeh, that’s RIGHT” I snapped. “ALL FIVE girls are with me, OK??”
They both trudged off with their shoulders slumped & I just couldn’t HELP laughing out loud when I overheard one say to the other, “Who the Hell does he think he is, …Hugh Hefner?”

Hahaha! (I just KNEW that I should’ve bought a pipe & a silk smoking jacket to wear for the night!)
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Posted: 18th March 2017
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