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As a lead-in to my next Hashtag Album ("Who Will Save the World? The Mighty Groundhogs" by the 'Groundhogs'), here's the info contained on the YouTube page from which this song is sourced today:


Track 6. "Garden". From the album "Thank Christ for the Bomb"

Written by Tony (T.S.) McPhee

Tony McPhee - Vocals, Guitar
Pete Cruickshank - Bass
Ken Pustelnik - Drums

Produced by Tony (T.S.) McPhee

Engineer - Martin Birch

" My garden is all overgrown and the weeds are creeping up on my home,
Grass has grown over two foot high and the trees are blocking out the sky
French windows won't open any more from the moss that's grown outside the door,
Hundred birds are nesting in the trees, looks like a wild-life sanctuary.

But I'm not going to cut a single blade of grass, my garden will look just like the distant past,
Before the days of agricultural land, before the time when pebbles turned to sand
When I leave this house I'm going to stay, I'm forsaking my comforts to live another way,
Get my clothes from heaps, my food from bins, my water from ponds and have tramps for all my friends. "


I hope the inclusion of those lyrics will make up in part for the lack of same in the Hashtag Album today - despite extensive research and several tries at figuring them out myself, I had to admit defeat on those that weren't quoted on the internet. Find out more by clicking the Hashtag link in the Comments section below. Whatever the pros and cons, I hope you enjoy listening to the album anyway, from the classic 'Groundhogs' line-up of McPhee-Cruickshank-Pustelnik.
1970 - Liberty Records - United Kingdom - From the album "Thank Christ for the Bomb".
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