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You're So Vain
by Carly Simon

^^ Please note - the song cuts off towards the end into non-descript video footage ^^

This song will always remind me of trips out in my friend John's motor, especially when we went all the way (it seemed a long way then) to South Wales in 1972, where we stumbled across a couple of girls we 'got to know' quite well - in John's case, far too well. He stopped going there after (he said) Petra, the girl he was seeing, came at him with a knife. Which meant good old Lee, who didn't drive at that time, never got to see his fair Robina again after that. Such is life, I suppose.

Here's the start of the "Smooth Radio" website features article on Carly Simon and the guessing game that became known as "Who's So Vain?":


Before the song became a hit single in 1972, Simon told an interviewer that the song was actually about "men," not a specific "man".

Simon has said in the past that the song refers to three men, but only one of whom she has named publicly is actor Warren Beatty.

In 1983, she said it is not about Mick Jagger, who also contributed uncredited backing vocals to the song.

In 2007, Warren Beatty said: "Let's be honest. That song was about me." Simon had said in 1983 that Beatty "certainly thought it was about him - he called me and said thanks for the song...".

Simon has also given "letter clues", and has claimed that the subject's name contains the letters A, E, and R.

Shortly before she wrote the song, Simon was married to singer James Taylor. However, she has said that he was "definitely not" the subject of the song. David Bowie, David Cassidy and Cat Stevens have all been named by the press as potential candidates.

[ Really interested in any more speculation on this? Go to: http://www.smoothradio.com/features/carly-simon-youre-so-vain-meaning-subject-facts/ if you are. And good luck. ]


Quite frankly, that box of tricks became very boring indeed, and it doesn't remotely interest me now as to exactly who she meant when she penned those lyrics all those years ago!

This song spent 6 weeks in the UK Top Ten, getting to No. 3 in the Singles chart by February 1973. In the US, it occupied the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks in January of that same year.
1972 - Elektra Records - United States - Released in late 1972, charting early the following year.
Posted: 13th November 2018
Born in 1954, leaving education by 1972, 'glam' was my thing, "Ziggy" Bowie my hero. I was even the only guy in my town with the haircut (though not the carrot red colouring!). Therefore every seventh selection is a Bowie track.
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