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I Am a Clown
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Hi. My one and only tribute to the teen phenomenon that was David Cassidy, who sadly passed away on November 21st 2017. My memories are of a great voice, framed by looks that any of us guys would have gladly borrowed - for keeps, actually - just to attract the opposite gender in those far-off days. My alter ego @Rest_In_Peace has also posted something in the way of celebration today, reflecting someone with a sometimes troubled life:


"Summer Days with David Cassidy"
by blogger Stacey at "The Ugly Bug Ball"
July 31, 2011 - 6:51 pm

I just read a book that took me back to the time when I had teen idol posters taped to my walls. The book is "I Think I Love You" by Allison Pearson. It's about a 13-year-old Welsh girl in 1974 who worships David Cassidy. It's also about the young London writer who works for "The Essential David Cassidy Magazine". He composes letters supposedly written by Cassidy while lying to his friends about his job.

Pearson perfectly captures the blissful highs and crashing lows of a young fan's adoration. She also sketches a cringeworthy but accurate picture of 70's fashion, hair, slang and decor. Not that I'm as familiar with Britain in the 70's, but some things about that era were universal, like ponchos, platform shoes and feathered hair. I can't help wondering why I'm so nostalgic for what was certainly the ugliest decade of my life, but maybe because it was so hideous, the things that were good stand out more?

It always comes back to the songs for me. In "I Think I Love You", the girl's favourite song is "I Am a Clown" (which is technically a David Cassidy song, not a 'Partridge Family' song). My friend loves "I Woke Up in Love This Morning", and I can't listen to that one without hearing her voice singing along in my head. My favourite songs are "I'll Meet You Halfway" and "Summer Days." (You might have guessed one of those already!) I also really like "Together We're Better", "Love Must Be The Answer", "I Would Have Loved You Anyway", and "I'll Leave Myself a Little Time".

[ There's a bit more at: http://theuglybugball.wordpress.com/2011/07/31/summer-days-with-david-cassidy/ ]


This peaked at No. 3 in the UK in April 1973 during an impressive six weeks in the Top Ten alone. Cassidy was outstandingly popular in Great Britain in the early 1970s, fired mainly by young teens with disposable income, who couldn't get enough of his looks and his voice. This song was not, however, released as a single in the USA.
1973 - Bell Records - United States
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