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by Sonic Youth
Dearest GJB friend and Fiends,

This is about FIRE, but let's hit the basics of this fab tune. Wiki Speaks:
This tune #2 from Rather Ripped:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rather_Ripped Whole album is fab; it's Sonic Youth!

I'm driving back from a client meeting - on the way there? Zip? On the way home only an hour and a half later: Full on FIRE biz. I am scared. Full emergency responders, helicopters, big rigs to dump bull doozers, etc.

Too many memories of the The Valley Fire here in Lake in 2015. I made it out - though evacuated for 5 days, no warning. My sister, no warning - lost everything.

Then I find, as I'm searching, this really cool, done by first responder BONUS. I take the time to listen, and magically, it's from Mill Valley - my Marin County, home guys/gals.

Bonus track - if you want to be scared, but love your First Responders:) My home town from Marin came to Lake for two weeks! They made quite a nice flick:) And at the end, the MV peeps said, what a beautiful place! They said we were grand and we'd make it back- NICE! ...and THEY did blow it up with big rigs saying Mill Valley at end of vid - Show Offs! I love them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ichp1tvjaV0

Fast foward to end if bored.

2006 - Geffen Records - United States - Saw a FIRE today - Cool tune, grand first responder bonus. Who does NOT like a story from a Fireman?
Posted: 18th July 2017
Lesa Kramer
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