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Live at the RAT
by The Neighborhoods
GJB Friends and Fiends,
Umm, I don't know what to say.

It was called the Rat (Rathskeller).
NYC had CBGB's - Boston had the RAT:) Check that WIKI info below for AMAZING list of bands.

Remember the hard core, old man, door guy with the voice box thing he held to his neck? At that time, pretty advanced, AND super CREEPY. He ruled the RAT, sitting in his chair and questioning those college kids, with the automated voice - we'd just roll up, kiss on cheek. Aww. -always got in - no waiting, could skip THAT line! -He loved us. I thank him.

Damn! I loved going to the Rat, and walking past the line. Anywho - I'm NOT a bragger, just an old school chick. To prove I'm from Boston from that time: Kiss of Death: To get signed.

BUT if a reg like me and all R&R pals, ya sure as shit saw RATS running along the pipes above; Ya sure as shit saw the Bouncers beating the crap and tossing fratboys out of back door; YIKES...I didn't see THAT Mr. Policeman.. Keep your biz straight. NOT a place for college kids.

Local rockers ONLY! It was rough and tumble back in the day. It was cool school. From Ska to Punk, to that Boston Sound- and we ALL remember how grand, if lucky to live in Boston in '80's.

Lived in R&R ghetto of Allston, back in day.

If tracking: '86 How Gang Green won on a COVER in the Rumble on Voices Carry? WHAA? Boston, back in the Day (FYI -THE RUMBLE SO Mattered).

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_'n'_Roll_Rumble I can't GET THIS to be a click, so cut and paste. Some pal taught me how to do but I forget the trick:( POO! Worth it though! Cut and Paste. x.

Wiki Speaks on the Rat (The list of bands that played are blow your mind!):

Boston was tight.
NYC was the place Boston Bands that got signed went to DIE. Sad, but true.

Kisses and enjoy like you were there.
United States - Boston! For Serious Rockers. The RAT! Damn Same as CBGB's Live '85
Posted: 29th March 2017
Lesa Kramer
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