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Saturday Night Fever? (HAD to be done, in HONOR of USA 10/20/73 Sat Night USA Constitution MASSACRE)
by The Bee Gees
Dearest GJB Friends and Fiends,
Getting this under wire. Somebody HELP ME? Trying to STAY ALIVE:)

This is some scary crap:) And I am including too much undie shots of JT. SORRY:)

Hopefully, if a young'n and like me. just a little girl LOVING my big horse, no TV as a hippie kid, NO CLUE that on this date, USA Constitution was F'd with so seriously it DID bring down Nixon (10 monthes later...). Mark your CALENDAR for Oct 20, 1973. I was 9 years old, BUT I did learn about it.

Just good to remember some history, IMHO.

Doc for you. I love David Brinkley's summation at very end. Thanks Goddess? David Brinkley didn't have to go into a Saudi Kingdom Torture Palace! Maybe we'd be FREAKING MORE OUT? RIP Washington Post journalist/USA Citizen, #JamalKhashoggi )
#TimeStamp : 14:42-16:09
#nolinedancing Unless Rocky Horror, of course...Don't hit me back? What a pun? Time Stamp:)

Umm, meanwhile, back in Lower Manhatten? It was RAGE on from 14th Street down (and in Times Square...I didn't hit THAT biz...): Alphabet City That's the A-C Aves and LES (Lower East Side) and then the West Side Bowery and CBGB's and orig Villiage (there are two...) More History: If ever called a Bridge and Tunnel person? It's an inult as had to take a Bridge or Tunnel, and my, was NYC quite Snobby/Fab: Gays ruled (pre Aids); Graffiti Art, loft living and art making, "Site Specific Guerilla Theater"? What else ya got? OH... that whole/hole Chelsea hotel Andy thing? All while this polyester Disco thing was happenning...across the Bridges and via tunneels.

I miss my old timey pal, DAVE. Resisiting urge to page him. x.

BOO! Dance Away...UNDER WIRE to Honor Oct. 20, 1973...SCARY! The Political MASSACRE & The LINE DANCING
Posted: About 4 hours ago
Lesa Kramer
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