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The Irish Rover
by The Pogues & The Dubliners
Kisses, enjoy...stay away, in USA, from the green beer; enjoy delicious corned beef and cabbage...and celebrate heritage. I'm proudly part Irish.

Kisses and Enjoy!
Live from TV, early '80's (?). Acoustic Irish multi generational mayhem HERE! - Ireland - Happy St. Pats Day:)
Posted: 17th March 2018
Lesa Kramer
Ziggy the Pooch is Main Man. Boutique Destination for YOU! Umm, terrible at hit backs, but try best. Yup, I'm a child of Hippies - so loads of taste... I'm a PROUD transplant from TIMJ. I'll go to songs I like. Always looking for something new for me and you; FYI, again, horrible about reciprocation, though I try. This is where I'm supposed to list all my music tastes...WELL, if ya don't know me by now, check out my archives-There is SOMETHING there for you:) I love my GJB Friends and Fiends - the happy chatter and the puns, and I love pages and Bonus Tracks. I am so grateful for the deep knowledge when we dig deep:). Enjoy and Kisses!
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