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Rock Me Amadeus
Dearest GJB Friends and Fiends,

Is it WRONG to stack songs?

That's a term I just made up for multiple postings as I'll be off line for next few days, which is an ETERNITY on GJB - no need for comments - they will just sit in my in box - LOL

Well, I'm getting MY '85'er's in now - LOL:)

Enjoy FALCO who brought together a reminder that Mozart was punker back in his day and some hip hop delivery? PURE 80's pop:)

More info:
"Rock Me Amadeus" is a 1985 song by Austrian musician Falco from his album Falco 3. It topped the singles charts on both sides of the Atlantic. It was Falco's only number one hit in both the United States and the United Kingdom, despite the artist's popularity in Germany, his native Austria, and much of Europe.

OK - think I got my list and stacking done:) THX @Bomberboy - read that you mentioned Falco and made me do one more stack:)

Kisses and Enjoy - From 1985:)

1985 - Austria - Was on my orig list and just happens to be from '85
Posted: 20th September 2016
Lesa Kramer
Little Bit, Apple Dandy (colt) and me..since going back in history:) Ziggy is my Main Man will be back! Boutique Destination for YOU! Hit up @teethrattleroll for rare punk biz; @Forever_Garage every Monday or when I get to it, for some straight up Ga-Rage! x! Yup, I'm a child of Hippies - so loads of taste.. I'm a transplant from TIMJ. That Spotify, find your archive; too complex, though HOPE still there!) - I'll go to songs I like .I think the Days/Daze of no TIMJ repeats is OVER, though always looking for something new for you! This is where I'm supposed to list all my music tastes...WELL, if ya don't know me by now, check out my archives-I go from Swing Bands to Garage to Glam to Agro Punk to Rockabilly to everything in between...to things I hope you forgot all about:). I love my GJB Friends and Fiends - the happy chatter and the puns, and I love pages and Bonus Tracks. I am so grateful for the deep knowledge when we dig deep:). Enjoy and Kisses!
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