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White Rabbit
by Jefferson Airplane
I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, a gambling town not as large or famous as Las Vegas but
famous in its own right for its quickie Divorces.
People came from all over the country to stay in our small town for 6 weeks.
To be declared a resident and then with a reasonably small amount of money be granted a divorce from the person they were no longer enchanted with.
It was a strange place to grow up in. An adult playground...Casinos, entertainment, famous people,
prostitution, free cocktails and cigarettes for gamblers and for employees after their shifts at the casinos.
Skiing and out door sports at Lake Tahoe a short drive away. What wasn't to like?

Well as a child growing up in that environment ...lots. There was nothing for us to do. So we formed groups and hung out. If you were an athlete you hung with the Jocks on some ball field or at some game. If you were a book worm or a nerd you would be at the library studying and dreaming of the college you would attend that would take you away from there. If you were like me you were one of the outcasts. From a divorced home. Left for my elderly grandparents to raise. Hanging with the kids that would go astray by listening to Rock & Roll and becoming drug crazed Hippies.

When I was just 13, I was across the street from my grandmas house at our neighbors house. They had several teenagers living in the house most of them older than my self. This album was a new one and it was played from start to finish repeatedly. The most popular songs of course were "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit". I was also introduced to liquor and Marijuana that year at their house. (I turned down the pot at that point but not for too many more years).

Once I heard all the new music coming out of San Francisco like this album, I decided that there was a whole lot of world out there that was just waiting to be seen and heard.

This album " Surrealistic Pillow" by The Jefferson Airplane, first inspired my was fueled along the way by many events and much is a time I will forever look fondly back upon.

1967 - RCA Victor - United States - Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit" Live on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
Posted: 27th March 2017
Marissa Picone
#TIMJ I'm a 62 year old mother and grandmother living in the pacific northwest with my children & their children. I was born and raised in Reno Nevada and moved up here 18 years ago. I like spirituality,studying people, reading, music,arts and genealogy.
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