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Today Is The Day (You've Got To Love Somebody)
by Frazelle
You guys know me, I'm more likely to advocate love than hate, so you can imagine it takes a lot to really get me angry, but I spotted a National Front sticker slapped on a lamppost near my house yesterday. First I was gobsmacked, and I just walked past it, but then I went back and took a key to that fucker and scratched it off. Of course, that was the point when a family walked past, giving me funny looks, as though I was the one who'd been defacing the neighbourhood with fascist propaganda, which pissed me off even more...

So here's an uplifting tune, first posted by @mzdonnavee back in March. Funk 'n' flutes, must be Friday :D

#funkyfriday #flutesonfriday #JukeboxJamboree2017
1982 - Chocolate Cholly's Music Company - United States
Posted: 29th December 2017
Anna (who also posts as @NoirTrax)
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