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Pon De Replay
by Rihanna / Yannis Marshall Dance Studio
Over at Chez Paul et Jess we watch a lot of dance videos, mainly because Herself was a dancer. A very good one too, I might add, so she spots things that you or me wouldn't. (Unless of course you're a dancer too). Back in 2005, she spotted the irony of a young Rihanna, announcing herself with this certifable dancefloor banger, when she can't actually dance. Check out the quick cuts, no you never see her actual feet video here - .

Which is something you would never say about the kids at the Yannis Marshall Dance Class hittin' the dancefloor in some spectacular heels and just killin' it......

2018 - United States - The original single was released in 2005
Posted: 17th July 2018
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