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Devil is Fine
by Zeal and Ardor
It's ESNS week in my hometown! Eurosonic Noorderslag is since 1986 an annual four-day music showcase festival and conference, held in January in Groningen, Netherlands. The first three days of the festival (Eurosonic) feature artists from all over Europe who are playing in more or less any possible location in the city centre (over 100! From bar to record store to parking garage). The last day of the festival (Noorderslag) features only Dutch artists in one conference centre. A music business conference is held during all four days of the event.

Last year I juked a few expected festival highlights. This year Twitter will be leading: which acts caused the biggest excitement on the night before. This morning I read enthusiastic tweets about a for me unknown band Zeal and Ardor.

According to the festival website Zeal and Ardor is an avant-garde metal musical project started and led by Manuel Gagneux, a Swiss-American musician who had previously created a chamber pop project called Birdmask. Gagneux started Zeal and Ardor in response to two messages left to him on 4chan by two different users. One of these users suggested that he fuse "black metal", while another suggested "nigger music". In response, Gagneux started Zeal and Ardor, which features elements of both black metal and Negro spirituals.

According to the "reviews" on Twitter, Zeal and Ardor gave an unexpected and totally exciting show. If the attending festival bookers agree, this is a name you'll see on the bills of festivals in Europe this summer season.
2017 - ADA - Switzerland - emancipation. damnation. blasphemy. ecstasy. vengeance. deliverance. rebellion. liberation
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