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Rattlesnake Mountain
by Patrick Sky
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Hailing from Louisiana and then Georgia Patrick Sky embodies the mixed race (Irish, Native American) music which became bluegrass, Cajun, and Appalachian mountain music. Patrick is now a virtuoso maker and player of uilleann pipes, but I have all his amazing albums from back in the day. I love the style, illustrated in this track, of folk born in Irish music where a lot of nonsense words embellish the lyric content, as "lilting" was a virtuoso performance style which immigrated with the Irish. You hear it a lot in bluegrass, Louisiana Zydeco and Appalachian clogging tunes. He's one of my top favorite trad singers and original composers. This is a traditional number, based on a 1761 song called Springfield Mountain. I found this history on the Net, and the page includes a transcription of the original lilting as it was sung, excerpted below.

[Am] On Springfield Mountain there did dwell
[C] Right – tum – a – new – rife – a – lime – a – diddle – do
[Am] On Springfield Mountain there did dwell [E7] tum – a – row
[Am] On Springfield Mountain [G]there did dwell A [F] handsome youth I knew [E7] full well
[Am] Right – tum – a – new – rife – a – [G] lime – a – diddle – [Am] do
1965 - United States - Debut Album "Patrick Sky"
Posted: 17th August 2017
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