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Wanna Be A Vampire Too, Baby
by Helium

you may not believe this, but I almost posted Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. sadly, it has a male vocal! (I think it's Kendrick Lamar? I'm not up on my latter day rappers) I love that video tho. 100% legitimately.

@hartwill posted some Helium earlier in the week, and as they are one of my all time favorites, I figured, hey why not post something from them, particularly one of their lesser known gems. this video, taken from youtube, is kinda silly, but it was the only one that would let me post. I saw Helium twice, and the second time was best, because they played with Sleater-Kinney! I also saw Mary Timony solo in a small venue.
She is easily one of the best, she's never let me down, that's for sure.

a word on dudes: when I say dudes, I don't mean it in a way referring to attitude, style of dress, behaviors, etc; in the way someone might categorize a "bro" or something like that. I mean strictly males, men, etc, and I mean it in relation to however one may identify: cis, trans, etc. the opposite also applies: those who do not identify as dude are not dude. that may not have clarified it at all, but I felt it must be said.
also, as stated before, I'm going all month long, but others don't have to if they don't feel the need to.

1996 - Matador Records - United States
Posted: 4th November 2016
A yardstick for lunatics.
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