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War Pigs
by Victoria Faiella
A wiggy #WeirdAssWednesday middle eastern sounding take for @CapnHollis collection of #WarPigs? cover...I look forward to hearing more of Victoria's music

This song is about man's desire to kill and destroy. Sabbath got the idea from war stories they heard when they did a show at an American Air Force base during a tour of Europe. They wrote the song when they were in a grim deserted place in Zurich where they were playing for a small sum of money to an even smaller audience. (Source: Iron Man: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath)

The original name for the song was "Walpurgis," which is a festival with origins in Paganism and Witchcraft. Ozzy released the original version on his 1997 album The Ozzman Cometh. Click the lyrics link above to view the words. >>
The band wanted to use this as the title of the album, but the record company thought it was too controversial and made them use "Paranoid," another song on the album, instead.

This is one of many Black Sabbath songs that is often misinterpreted as evil. The song speaks out against the horrors of war.

On the US albums, this is listed as "War Pigs/Luke's Wall." "Luke's Wall" is another name for the end of the song.
On the 1994 Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity In Black, Faith No More contributed a live cover version. Faith No More also covered this on their 1989 album The Real Thing. >>
War Pigs has been used as the name of various Black Sabbath tribute bands. We found one in Australia and another in Long Island, NY.

Ozzy's former guitarist Zakk Wylde did a cover of this song after he went solo. Other artists who did covers: Slaves on Dope, Pig, Ether, Faith No More, Weezer, Boss Tweed, Red House Painters, Members Only, Badlands, Soulfly, Vital Remains, Ween, Sheavy, Gov't Mule, Phish, Sacred Reich, Alice Donut, Flores Secas, Banda Arie, and Flores Secas. >>

This song is used for an encore in the video game Guitar Hero II for Playstation 2 and Xbox 360. >>

When the Sacramento band Tesla recorded this in 2007, lead guitarist Frank Hannon added a peace of Jimi Hendrix flavored "The Star Spangled Banner" to start the song." It is the final track on Tesla's Real To Reel 2-disk cover album, which is a tribute to Tesla's mentors. >>

The song starts with the lyric, "Generals gathered in their masses. Just like witches at black masses." Bassist and lyricist Geezer Butler was asked during a 2013 interview with Spin magazine why he used "masses" twice rather than coming up with a different word. "I just couldn't think of anything else to rhyme with it," he admitted. "And a lot of the old Victorian poets used to do stuff like that - rhyming the same word together. It didn't really bother me. It wasn't a lesson in poetry or anything."

The song soundtracked a TV spot previewing the 2014 movie, 300: Rise Of An Empire.

The song was inspired by the Vietnam War. Geezer Butler recalled to Mojo in 2017: "Britain was on the verge of being brought into it, there was protests in the street, all kinds of anti -Vietnam things going on. War is the real Satanism. Politicians are the real Satanists. That's what I was trying to say."

The immigration backgroundimage is an immigration map taken from the article here
'Between 2010 and 2015, the net migration from Syria to Sweden was more than Syria’s net migration to the rest of Europe and the Americas combined.'...I know that @Avante likes her maps...Me too since visual aids help me comprehend...I never knew what diabetes was until I saw a graphic...Basically my blue dashes are not being filtered properly...That's all I needed to know

JAM ON Jukers!!!
2011 - Incandescent Records
Posted: 29th March 2017
Jim Svitak
I rambled therefore I am ------- #cheese, #TIMJweek, #HistoryJuke #WeirdAssWednesday #CensorshipSaturday, #bonusfeatures, #TexasTuesday, #covers, #2016SuckedButWeDidnt #PizzaJam #BaseballJam, #Jazzstandards #SciFiSaturday, #vomitcoverstheearth, #bonusfeatures, #garagedays, #BetterThanTheOriginal, #newsoul, #fightsongs, #forthechildren, #newjazz, #acidjazz, #sortofjazz, #HeavyWeek, #electronical, #hiphopheads, #keepitcreepy, #Oklahoma #Hawaii, #sixtiesbestpop, #seventiesbestpop, #eightiesbestpop #Olympics #Olympicweeks #SundaySoother #FunkyFriday JAM ON Jukers!!!
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