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I've mentioned Quincy Jones a few times this week in my #yachtrock posts. He was a very busy man in the early 80s, producing more than a few albums with quality yacht rock tracks.

The Alessi (pronounced ale-lee-see) Brothers (here going only by the name "Alessi") got their start in the Broadway cast of the musical "Hair" and produced four albums for A&M Records in the 70s. I see they had a UK hit in 1977 with a song called "Oh Lori" which @SteveFawcett posted last year - I'd never heard that before this evening. Both @natyblooming and @brixe posted a different Alessi Brothers song from the 70's called "Seabird" which was also completely unknown to me. Their folk-meets-crooner sound of this era is interesting, but I don't think it found much of an audience in their native United States. I'm almost certain I hadn't heard of this band until about three weeks ago when this song popped up on my yacht rock radar.

The Alessis switched to Jones' Qwest Records for this 1982 release. Like other Jones produced albums of the era it has tunes in many different styles, but the lead-off track is a veritable yacht anthem, rating 87.75 on the Yachtski scale. It's got that bouncy bass, the e-piano, the lovesick "fool" theme, and a great group of Yacht Rock session performers including Jeff Porcaro on drums, Steve Lukather on guitar, Michael Boddicker and Micahel Omartian on synth. The album was even co-produced by one of the icons of the yacht rock sound, Christopher Cross.

I have no idea how this catchy and upbeat rocker missed the US chart. But the Yacht Rock guys made a great find to pluck this no-hit-wonder track into my car speakers through their excellent Spotify playlist. This is a great one to bounce along to.

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1982 - Qwest Records - United States - From the album "Long Time Friends"
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