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Miss Sarajevo
by Passengers feat. Luciano Pavarotti
“Miss Sarajevo” was the first and only commercially released single from the Passengers album Original Soundtracks 1…

Passengers was a group made up of all four members of U2, along with Brian Eno and a variety of guest artists (listed on promotional materials as “extra passengers”). Eno took on a much bigger role for Original Soundtracks 1 than he had on previous U2 albums, actively participating in writing and performing in addition to production work. Because the group was dubbed Passengers, the album received considerably less notice than a typical U2 release might have. “Miss Sarajevo” featured a guest vocalist, Luciano Pavarotti. The Italian tenor had been asking Bono for a song for a while, and when “Miss Sarajevo” was being developed the band felt that it would be a perfect opportunity to bring Pavarotti in to sing. The title and lyrics of the song refer to a beauty pageant held in war-torn Sarajevo.

The single was released on November 27, 1995 in Europe, and the following day in North America. The sleeve contained an image of the contestants in the “Miss Sarajevo” beauty pageant, holding a sign which read “Don’t Let Them Kill Us.”

A video for “Miss Sarajevo” was released in two different edits. The first, directed by Maurice Linnane, features the Passengers performance of “Miss Sarajevo” live in Modena mixed with footage from Bill Carter’s Miss Sarajevo documentary. This version was most frequently played on music networks. A second, more hard-hitting version of the video eliminated the Modena footage and instead incorporated more images from the Miss Sarajevo documentary, augmented with statistics about the ongoing war in Bosnia. The director of this version is Bill Carter.

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1995 - Island - United Kingdom
Posted: 20th August 2019
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