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Radio Ga Ga
by Queen
“Radio Gaga” is one of the biggest hits from the British rock band Queen. The lyrics of “Radio Gaga” see the singer expressing his displeasure of how television is taking over radio in terms of popularity. He dislikes how more and more people are abandoning radio and depending on television for music and entertainment in general. The narrator doesn’t want radio to die because he loves it. Hence the word “gaga”. If you’re gaga about something, you’re crazy about the thing. So here the narrator is telling the world how crazily in love he is with radio. He even talks about how radio educated him and kept him company during his lonely nights.

According to Queen drummer Roger Taylor (who penned this song), he got his inspiration for the track from his young son and while watching MTV… The song was originally not written to adore radio. The song was initially titled “Radio Caca” and condemned what radio was becoming. Taylor, who apparently disliked the manner in which radio stations were rapidly becoming commercialized, penned the lyrics of “Radio Caca” to heavily criticize the developing trend. However, the other members of Queen didn’t like the song’s theme and asked him to rewrite it. Taylor rewrote the lyrics and changed the song’s title to “Radio Gaga”. So basically the lyrics of the track went from severely criticizing and condemning the commercialization of radio to the adoration of radio.

The music video of “Radio Gaga” was directed by British director David Mallet. The clip contains scenes from the iconic 1927 German science fiction drama film Metropolis. Because the East German government held the rights to this film, Queen had to pay an undisclosed amount of money to the government for the rights.

American singer and songwriter Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (a.k.a. Lady Gaga) got her stage name from this song’s title. Stefani grew up listening to Queen and considers the band one of her greatest influences.
—Kojo, 'The Meaning of "Radio Gaga" by Queen'

1984 - EMI Records - United Kingdom
Posted: 27th February 2019
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