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by Tracy Bryant
There are hundreds of great "unknown" artists on Bandcamp, I am sure. One I would like to draw attention to is Tracy Bryant.

"Unknown" of course, is a relative term. Bryant led early 201xs LA band Corners, and has recorded solo for Burger Records.

Still, I think he should be more well known than he is. An old press release that pops up often on Bryant compares his voice to Peter Murphy, the Cramps, and the Gun Club. Perhaps, he does have a voice suited for Goth, but his music is totally out of the garage.

The new album is produced by Kyle Mullarky, who has also produced the Allah-Las and the Growlers, certainly two bands that share the same spirit as Tracy. Garage with nods to surf and psychedelia. Dave Cooley who has worked with artists as disparate as Jimmy Eat World, J Dilla, Ziggy Marley, Ariel Pink and Animal Collective engineers and records, which gives it a great sound.

I really loved 2016's Subterranean, and am excited to see that Hush is more of the same. He gets compared to the 90s folk indie crowd like Elliott Smith, too. Maybe, you will see a similarity to Smith or the Cramps or some of the other bands that he gets compared to, but definitely, if you like bands like Mystic Braves or the Allah-Las, check him out. Really, some of my favorite records (Subterranean, and now, Hush) of the past few years.
2019 - Taxi Gauche
Posted: 3rd November 2019
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