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Prohibition Swing
by Lyre Le Temps
I've been doing a tremendous amount of research lately trawling through the archives researching the most amazing background on a great grand uncle who made up one half of a Chicago Police Detective partnership during the 'roaring 20's and throughout the Prohibition era. I've stumbled across some amazing background material despite the best efforts of the system to bury this Dry Crusading Irish Catholic pioneering partnerships efforts to expose the underbelly of what really went on. While researching I got into the mood listening to some class eletric swing. Now I need to cobble everything together for publication in a cracking tale which fictionalizes the inspirational account of a pair of teetotaling, moral, Irish Cops who took on their corrupt peers, the police hierarchy, the Judges and the politicians...oh and did I mention the MOBSTERS. 'Pledge To Prohibition' will trump everything you heard about Capones Chicago.

And you thought all along it was just a little shootout between some cops and some would be was the begenning of a 'coup de etat' on American democracy...which has continued unabated to this very day!
Posted: 20th August 2019
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