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Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries Theme
by Stu Phillips
Since last summer my hobby project has been Nancy Drew. I'm not sure how I got involved in this but I did. So bit by bit I'm revisiting Nancy Drew stuff. And I write about it here: https://kittydrew.com

Yesterday I wrote about the Italian Nancy illustrator Marco Rostagno, who's illustration of "... leaning chimney" appears in the picture. Really psychedelic! :D

Right now, I'm mixing that up with watching the old series with Nancy and the Hardy boys from the 70's. Pamela Sue was really good as Nancy. And then I read the books of course. I'm on "The clue of the leaning chimney" right now. LOL.. quite nuts! :D

But, about this song, Wiki says:
Composed by long-time Glen A. Larson collaborator Stu Phillips.

For the first season, the opening credits featured a maze under the series title. Martin, Stevenson, and Cassidy were all credited in all episodes, despite the program alternating between the characters. At the end of the haunting theme music, a voice-over announcer would state who was featured in the episode and the episode title.
For the second season, the title sequence was altered; the maze was replaced with clips from the series and a collage of book covers from the book series. Depending on which characters were featured - the Hardy boys, Nancy Drew, or both - the sequence was altered to give emphasis to one or the other.
For the third season, the series' theme song was remixed, and given more of an upbeat disco sound. It featured clips from the various season three episodes, along with the names of Cassidy and Stevenson.

I thought it was about time to jam it. :D

#ThemeSongs #ShortNSweet

I'm up for a #NancyDrewWeek anytime
Posted: 20th January 2019
Birgitta Bellman
A good song is a good song. #Popcorn #Earthsongs #JazzStandard I also enjoy posting songs from the 60's not sung in english.
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