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Scottish Winds
by Frightened Rabbit
In 2003, vocalist and guitarist Scott Hutchison used the name Frightened Rabbit, which came from a name his mother gave him in his youth due to his chronic shyness, as a stage moniker for his solo shows. The project became a full-fledged band with the addition of his brother Grant Hutchison on drums in 2004, and guitarist Billy Kennedy in 2006.
During early shows, the band would give out their email address for those interested in receiving a free demo. After a time during which few demos were requested, Scott said that he started to send out biscuits with the music, which led to a rise in requests for the demo. This led to a lasting impression with the recipients.
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Come gather in my lungs Scottish wind
Belt out your blackest poems
As the sea around you sings
When that drone takes to the air
A single note to raise my hair
Carry songs beyond my lungs
Cold Scottish wind

Come fall upon my shoulders, Scottish rain
And dissolve all of the worry
That has hunched this back of mine
So the hurt run down the drain to the reservoir
One day I'll add a drop of my own worries
To a dram

Gather heavy in these long Scottish winds
All the fag smoke in the ether
Of the grouse has clipped your wings
Now I cough just like my granddad
And his grandpa before him
Ah, blow youth into these lungs
Oh, Scottish wind

Come burl around my body, Scottish blood
I'll try not to spill a drop
Oh, I'm sure you've spilled enough
And the English fucking rule
Who mean nothing to these towns
Ah, run forever in my veins
Bold Scottish blood

And the whisper to my mouth, soft Scottish winds
Just enough to say I love you
To the girl who keeps me sane
Take the stupid things I've said
Blow them miles and miles away
Thank you in advance, Scottish wind
Thank you in advance, Scottish wind
2011 - United Kingdom
Posted: 26th February 2016
I'm not a saint, but I'm not the worst. Yes, I'm a sinner but I'm not the last or the first. Deep down inside, oh you know that I'm good, and I just done the best Lord, done the best that I could
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