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Dusty Trails
by Lucius
Dusty Trails was supposedly inspired by their non-stop 3 year touring schedule, before they stopped to record the new album Good Grief:

"We've been gone for such a long time that I'm almost afraid to go home.
A long road is a long dragged out imagination where things can go wrong.
But we keep rolling on"

A short story about seeing Lucius live in Glasgow on the 8th April 2016 ....

I was first introduced to Lucius by Jools Holland's "Later with Jools" TV programme on April 22nd 2014. I had tuned in specifically to listen to Paolo Nutini performing 3 songs from Caustic Love, but was a little underwhelmed by his live performances on the show.
In contrast, I was completely blown away by the two identically dressed girls and the three guys who performed "Go Home" and "Turn It Around". I immediately looked online - "if they were on Jools, they must be on a UK tour" I thought.
I was right, but I'd just missed them. They had played Stereo in Glasgow on the 20th April! Damn!
Then they were off on a US-wide tour for 5-6 months. In fact it seems that they'd been touring for about 20 months with little respite.
So when I saw the Dublin gig (Whelans) pop up on Songkick I think I might have purchased the very first tickets! By happy coincidence, the gig coincided with my wedding anniversary. It turned out to be my favourite gig of 2014 - by a long way!

Anyway, back to present day, on the evening of the gig at the Glasgow School of Art venue ...
Having pre-gig drinks with my wife and a bunch of friends in the student union and I spotted Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig from Lucius stroll into the union wearing demins, beanie hats, and looking just like students.
I was just on my way back from bar, and as I passed them I said hello and mentioned that I was used to seeing them a little more dressed up. Holly said "Sshhh! we are in disguise!" and gave me a big grin.

The two girls sat down close by my group with their pints of cloudy cider and like a star-struck loon, I felt compelled to tell them how much I had loved that last gig in Dublin, so I asked if they minded if I joined them for a minute. I chatted for a while about how I'd seen them perform "Go Home" on Later with Jools in 2014, and was blown away. Searched for uk live shows and realised we had just missed them the week before in Glasgow, but managed to catch them live in Dublin, on our wedding anniversary.
"Whelan's was one of the best gigs and the most amazing crowd of the tour" Jess told me.

Not wanting to overstay my welcome, I wished them good luck with the performance and left to rejoin my group.
The gig was really great, small intimate venue, a good Glasgow crowd, and Lucius were on excellent form.

Then, two thirds of the way through the first set came the unmistakable first chords of "Go Home" and Jess announced to the crowd "This one is dedicated to Scott and Mandy who missed us in Glasgow last time, and travelled all the way to Dublin to see us - this one's for you!".

Such a lovely touch, we were well impressed.

2016 - Mom + Pop Music - Recorded Live: 27Jan2016 - Paste Studios - New York, NY
Posted: 18th April 2016
I'm not a saint, but I'm not the worst. Yes, I'm a sinner but I'm not the last or the first. Deep down inside, oh you know that I'm good, and I just done the best Lord, done the best that I could
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