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A perennial favourite track, and likely to be in my own "ceremony" playlist.

A wee update on what's been happening in my little world in the last 7-8 months.

End of July/beginning of Aug 2018 the IBS type symptoms that I was experiencing turned out to be full-blown colon cancer. The Scottish NHS (bless their cotton socks) leapt into immediate action and by Aug 3rd they'd whipped out the right half of my colon and stitched me back up (well stapled actually, but you get the idea).
All good I hear you say.
Unfortunately, the colon cancer had been there for quite a while they reckon, and had managed to worm its way very efficiently into my liver. Both lobes affected.
Started a dual chemotherapy with all the lovely side-effects that brings. Ups and downs don't even begin to describe it.
Long story short - prospects are not good, liver surgery (which was a faint glimmer of hope back in Oct/Dec 2018 is no longer on the table as an option.
So, I persuaded the medics that the best thing for me in Feb 2019 was a slightly longer break between chemo cycles 5 and 6, which would allow me to do a final ski trip to the French Alps with my son.
Ski trip went well, and though I wasn't quite on top form (far from it), it was a hugely enjoyable experience and gave me a little more 1-1 time with my son in a memorable setting.
Anyway, 6th and final cycle of chemotherapy is underway now. Follow-up CT scan after chemo is over, and then a subsequent meeting with the consultant to discuss prognosis based on the CT scan results.
I'm out of treatment options it seems (due to the genetic make-up of the cancer) and so I am just hoping for some months of cytotoxic drug-free time in the near future, but I need to complete a bunch of planning, future-proofing and general practical stuff, so that my son (now 23) will be not have to deal with too much shit when it all goes pear-shaped.
Music has kinda taken a bit of a back-seat while all this has been happening.
No gigs, no new bands. Just muddling through.
Apologies for any re-iteration - my memory is definitely not what it used to be. "Chemo-fog" they call it apparently.
Posted: 3rd March 2019
I'm not a saint, but I'm not the worst. Yes, I'm a sinner but I'm not the last or the first. Deep down inside, oh you know that I'm good, and I just done the best Lord, done the best that I could
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