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Reason for Living
by Roddy Frame
If these last 16 weeks have taught me anything, it's simply that life is fragile, and age reduces your resilience.
Here I am, plodding along, working too many hours, but planning for a balmy relaxed existence after retiring in a couple of years time, seeing more of the world, and enjoying more free time.
Suddenly, life throws you a curve ball, and priorities look very different.
I was always a "plan carefully for the future" kinda guy, but I'm leaning heavily towards the "fuck the future and live for the moment" philosophy.
Anyway, enough maudlin nonsense, here's Roddy, doing what he does best - giving us a reason for living....

Now you're back in my arms again
Let your heart be rearranged
While you were sleeping the reaper's been reaping
The times have changed

Speak softly to me
You have more power than the bomb
The tears in your eyes are just medals and prizes
The war is over
Miracles will come and go watch it all work out
But don't give in

If you should climb to the top of the world
Just to take it on the chin
What would would it matter if the world were to shatter
Is it the world you believe in
1998 - Independiente - From the album 'The North Star'
Posted: 12th September 2017
I'm just about holding on, but lately I've let things slide
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