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Young Americans (David Bowie)
by The Jellyman's Daughter & Friends
From a spur of the moment decision on hearing of the death of David Bowie...

Emily (of The Jellyman's Daughter) says:

I didn't post anything when David Bowie died, but I'm going to post something now. I heard it on the news that day (oh boy) and it completely floored me. That afternoon I spent going about my day with Bowie as the soundtrack and the songs hit me harder than usual. What a sound he captured, what creative genius.

My heart was full of musical desire and I originally thought, we should do a Jellyman's Daughter cover in remembrance. But that wouldn't really fill the hole, I then called a bunch of super talented Edinburgh musicians to share my idea and amazingly on one nights notice (two hours for the rhythm section) everyone was on board.

For free and out of passion. We literally recorded everything in 24 hours of madness, laughs and spectacular takes.

Massive thanks to all the musicians, David O'Leary who did the longest engineering stint he's ever done, camera crew Camille Murray and Andrew Perry, and Graham for discovering he can edit videos.

With everything in perspective , I feel very lucky to be alive here and now, making music with the most talented bunch of friends! Turn your speakers to 11. Here's to you, Bowie.

Verse 1: Chris Willatt
Verse 2: Jessie Bates
Verse 3: Rebecca Shearing
Verse 4: Toby Mottershead
Verse 5: Emily Kelly
Verse 6: Angus Munro
Additional vocals: Kirsten Adamson, Lissa Robertson, Rushee Morton-Teng, Graham Coe
Drums: Scott Jamieson
Percussion - Alastair Hutchison
Bass: Doug Kemp
Piano: Jack Nissan
Acoustic guitar: Dan Crichton
Electric guitar: Fraser Allan
Violins: Lissa Robertson & Lewis Rumney
Cello: Graham Coe
Horns: The Katet Horns:
- Tenor saxophone: Tom Pickles
- Trumpet: Charles Dearness
- Trombone: Matt Hawke

Produced by Emily Kelly & Graham Coe
Recorded at Edinburgh Napier University Studio
Posted: 27th January 2016
I'm not a saint, but I'm not the worst. Yes, I'm a sinner but I'm not the last or the first. Deep down inside, oh you know that I'm good, and I just done the best Lord, done the best that I could
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