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I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama
by John Lennon
To celebrate what would have been John's 78th birthday, your Beatlemaniacs duo @natyblooming & @MikeLowe , had an amazing day at the first showing of the beautifully restored and remastered films "Imagine" and "Gimme Some Truth".

This was followed by the playing of some of the music that goes to make up the ginormous, 6 cd box set that's just been released. We heard demos, alternate takes and some of the solely orchestral parts from many of the songs. All blasted out in glorious surround sound on cinema speakers!!!!! So on this track we had George Harrison's slide guitar front right, Klaus Voormann's rumbling bass coming from somewhere behind us and then King Curtis's sax kicked in @ 2:43......BLISS!!!!!!!!

Turn it up to 11 and enjoy.

Sorry this is restricted in all sorts of places, we hope it's not for you!!!

Posted: 9th October 2018
Welcome to Beatlemaniacs. Former jammers & current Jukers we are two friends, but most importantly Beatlemaniacs & Apple Scruffs! We're here to share our love for The Fabs, both together and solo. We'll also play you some great cover versions. "We hope you will enjoy the show!"
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