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It took 25 years for the Buzzcocks to release an eponymous LP... this was their 7th Studio LP which after 25 years isn’t exactly rapid and it was 4 years after their 1999 album Modern. It took 3 years for Flat Pack Philosophy to be their 8th.

The album got mixed reviews.. The band didn’t reinvent the wheel the production was debatable• and sounded more like their live material which latterly was like a wall of noise

At that time the band consisted of
Pete Shelley – guitar, vocals
Steve Diggle – guitar, vocals
Tony Barber – bass guitar
Philip Barker – drums

I have posted a few Buzzcocks Tracks (both under this and the coverguy)

and on a comment I’ve made a few times...
"I saw them a couple years ago in Brixton they were did a 3 parter starting with the current line up doing the newer material then the classic line up (Another Music...) then the original Spiral scratch line up a terrific experience. The sound quality for the first part which might have included this was terrible but got better for each part! I then saw them live on 40th anniversary tour (!) Last year”

To me the Buzzcocks were the seeds that sowed the Pop Punk I was an avid listener to John Peel and when he introduced Punk on is programme I was excited the mid 70s had by and large become stale and uninteresting for me. The bands that are the most enduring for me The Damned, who moved on fairly quickly, the Adverts who split soon afterwards and the Buzzcocks whose music from those days still sounds a fresh as a daisy to me. The later stuff shouldn’t be ignored though for me Modern is patchy but the 3 albums that followed (mentioned above plus the most recent, The Way) are all full of typical Pete Shelly written tunes interspersed with Steve Diggle's political outputs...

So farewell Pete I fell in love with your music in 1977 ...

2003 - United Kingdom - From The Album Buzzcocks
Posted: 7th December 2018
Paul Lancaster
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