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Scream In Silence
by Church of Trees Feat Tara Holloway
I was listening to the addictions and other vices mixcloud sesseion 576 which was broadcast on Bombsheel Radio in Canada at the turn of the year but has only just been posted to listen too

They said they were concentrating on Indie music and indeed there was some (and I can post a track or two later) but amongst the programme was this from Synthwave/dreampop outfit Church of Trees from Ottawa

This is from their second full LP the first primitive creatures was released in 2017.. their outputs are on Bandcamp

Amongst their likes are of Verona, The Chvrches and Gary Numan which might explain why I am attracted to them.

Their website says: "The Ottawa?based synth/dream pop project broke onto the scene with 2017's Primitive Creatures, a collection of chill grooves, lush synths, and catchy melodies.
2018 introduces a new album, The Dark and the Light, which heralds an edgier sound and a host of extraordinary Canadian female vocalists”

Tara Holloway is an alternative/pop/soul artist also from Ottawa
2018 - Canada - From The LP The Dark & The Light
Posted: 17th May 2019
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