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Crosby (Second Class Citizen Blues)
by Deke Leonard
“Lets Look at the Figures..” How many times have YOU heard that and generally speaking its all about percentages. The BBC is full of it you might get 20 or so mentions of the word during a 30 minute news programme sometimes the “figures" are meaningful others not or 0.2% increase in something or other

Sometimes you even get 2 or more lots of percentages in the same sentence like we asked an audience 50 % of which was “N” and 60 % said “X” 30% of the 50% said “Y” blah blah blah

I haven’t posted for a week on this posting and I’m not sure why but I was looking at my “figures” on here and wondering what was going on. I really, really shouldn’t be bothered and I guess i’m not but this waffle i’m now doing certainly gives the impression I am

I have 138 followers and for my last posting (Crazy by seal) 20.3% of my followers played it and 26.08% liked it. I’m not sure what happened to the other 79.7%. I listen to all of the songs on my timeline and I follow 144 I accept that not everyone will have time to listen to everything and some of you will have a lot more followings than I have.. so do YOU listen to everything?, if not is it worth following so many?

Its impossible to like everything (and wouldn’t life be boring) if we did so is it just that 79,7% missed it, passed it by? Haven’t got round to it, no longer active on here, too busy - any of these things?

What I do know is 5.79% didn’t play it but liked it anyway.. I notice some of you play live or unfamiliar versions so we listen to them and I get that.. I also get that if your daily timeline is 100+ songs you ain’t gonna be able to listen to team all and will pick and mix

OK thats over..

Following @Rest_In_Peace posting the Phil Ryan (Man) track and @Little_Devil posting The Man track from “Be Good To Yourself At Least Once a Day” (Keep on Crinting) I was reminded that as Deke Leonard left the band before that particular album and formed a band (Iceberg) and produced a solo LP called Iceberg 7171 551 later became a staple for Man when Deke finally returned to the Fold and was on his Solo LP

(Quick Point of Information... The “autonomous collective” that was Man had a revolving door of members who floated in and out as far as I can tell the only consistent member over an elongated period of time was guitarist Micky Williams the band split and reformed ....)

This is a curio... its so curio that I may actually achieve the target that @vomitsunami set of no likes

Its short and weird..

I have always liked it but don’t play it to your kids...

1973 - United Kingdom - Wales!
Posted: 3rd June 2016
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