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Addicted to Disappointment
by Famous Forgotten Artists
This was another Addictions and Other Vices track played recently

The band are another Progressive #electronica band, though it might only be multi instrumentalist Joan Sala, but this time from Barcelona their Facebook Bio says

"Famous Forgotten Artists is a small virtual industry. A sound artifact that through the moderate use of technology manages to create electronic, cinematic, retro-futuristic, progressive and experimental music, in short, small musical moments that will undoubtedly be lost in the mists of time, but you still have the luck if You want to be able to listen here and now”

They have released 3 albums this being their 3rd and the influences are listed as krautrock, progressive rock, post punk, space rock, electronica

I guess this track goes out to my Experience of ESC last night.. in no particular order

I don’t know about anybody else or whether it was just my TV but the sound quality was very hard, harsh almost and very little bass that made anything difficult to enjoy.

The standard was not high and there were some very poor songs.. indeed

Madonna was very poor

The very ending.. “you need 253 points..” longer than the BBC wait then .. you’ve only got 93 must have been awful for the Swedish guy and it was as flat as a pancake for me

Thank you Iceland.. Somebody had to do it.. The reaction of the presenters was of horror

Some of the Results presenters were just too much too

The complete UK disaster It wasn’t as bad a song as all that I thought it was one of the 4 or so I might have voted for but to get only 3 across the 41 countries WAS harsh and I feel for the lad

In the Uk the presenter Graham Norton built up the “improvement” in the position when the public voted and the outcome was quite remarkable, he was gobsmacked, and almost lost for words

Nil Points for Germany in the public vote? The only thing I would say that IMHO it wasn’t as a good a tune as the UK’s so thats just about the only thing they got right but it was a lot better than some

I was rooting for Norway the “political voting” was still about most of the Nordic countries went for Sweden, though even in IMHO as a pop song it didn’t hit my spot as much

There must be other things...

anyway this “might” be suitable for #drugweek disappointment is not something to want to be addicted to I think

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Posted: 19th May 2019
Paul Lancaster
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