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Blue Room
by Kirilian Camera
The band are another Experimental Dark wave band this time from Parma formed in 1979 beginnning as a synthpop band but becoming increasing “darker” as they moved out of mid-80s Discogs has this down as Italo-disco and synthrock

This track is from 1985 and appears to be a single only, at the time it says “radio edit” but at 5:50 its the same length as the Extended version according to Discogs anyway

In the late 1990s they became subject to some controversy and accused in the German Newspaper Die Spiegel of right wing and Nazi tendencies for which the band released a statement denying this and pointing out that they had a Ghanaian singer and had used some words of a jewish poet in some of their tunes... this accusation hung around until 2002

The song the Blue Room carries the same name as a book by Georges Simeon (of Maigret fame) which was ultimately made into a film in 2014 Finding out whether the song/book are interconnected is a tadge difficult but the lyrics are

"Sometimes in the blue room another dream fades away
Velvet as the moon she lays down and resting stays
So she's seeing the shadow of life
Falls over the bright light and so on
She's breathing the air surrounding celestial stairs
And in the bright light shine all the sparkles in flight
Hold me tight just cross the line
Words capture silently all this time
Reminds me now of islands rising silently
Desert zones and western domes
Footsteps sound so lonely Travelling into dreams
Passing season gloved in grey the feeble dying beam
Its pain without ecstasy so, now
The contact is lost nothing but a sense of fear
And tonight the ocean is quiet
It's waters forever dead and so tell me
Why reason and lives are lost inside unveiled desires
And it's too late too late to return
From that golden exotic place Screaming at last
And looking around all my life lost in
A bridge filled with night"

The book is about
"A new translation of Simenon's gripping novel about lives transformed by deceit and the destructive power of lust

For Tony and Andrée, there are no rules when they meet in the blue room at the Hôtel des Voyageurs. Their adulterous affair is intoxicating, passionate - and dangerous. Soon it turns into a nightmare from which there can be no escape. Simenon's stylish and sensual psychological thriller weaves a story of cruelty, reckless lust and relentless guilt.”

Its not too difficult to make the connection
Therefore #AprilMusicChallenge day 23

Members of the band on the record
Grand Piano [Bechstein Coda Piano], Drum Machine [Linn Drum Computer], Synthesizer [PPG 2.3, Yamaha DX-7, Roland Juno-60], Electronics, Programmed By – Angelo Bergamini
Guitar [Rickenbaker 12-Strings Guitar], Effects [Additional] – Paul Sears
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Simona Buja

and, just as a twist, if you like, the video is clips of “The Night Porter” .. mumbles...

#obscure80s even
1985 - Italy - Single Release and on the compulation Odyssey Europa
Posted: 23rd April 2019
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